Meme Kombats AI-Powered Virtual Battles to Drive the Meme Coin Market in 2024 Heres How You Can Get in Early

Meme Kombats AI-Powered Virtual Battles to Drive the Meme Coin Market in 2024 Heres How You Can Get in Early

However, there is a collection of Rare Pepe NFTs, comprising 36 series with 50 Pepe images each, exhibiting varying levels of rarity and supply. The first Rare Pepes were mined on the Bitcoin blockchain in September 2016 and released on Counterparty. Phase two, known as “Vibe and HODL,” is currently underway, with several objectives already met. These include forming community partnerships, gaining listings on centralized exchanges, initiating a newsletter, and establishing a private Discord server exclusively for token holders. The enthusiastic community backing has prompted lively debates about bull markets, price surges, and trading volumes. One standout meme coin that has gained considerable traction in 2023 is PEPE crypto, inspired by the internet sensation Pepe the Frog.

  • Always ensure that you access the right DApp browser to avoid falling prey to crypto scammers.
  • Beating out heavy players such as Shiba Inu, PEPE and BONK, COQ is currently noting significant increases.
  • After all, it helped early backers make a 100x return on their original investment.
  • Users can use a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay to buy crypto, making transactions easy, safe, and simple.
  • The SEI price was up 30.18% to $0.3146 as of writing on Tuesday, reflecting the positive trend witnessed in the broader crypto market.

But much like other memecoins, the future of the crypto is uncertain. If you want to buy PEPE, ensure you understand the risks involved. Always have a comprehensive strategy in place, and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Crypto investors have recently witnessed the meteoric rise of another meme coin. Tony „The Bull” Severino, a technical analyst and Head of Research at Bitcoinist. As the founder of, an educational platform for crypto traders focused on technical analysis, Tony provides his expertise to help others understand and apply this methodology. He has partnered with industry leaders like Elliott Wave International and TradingView.

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The wallet can be easily tracked via the ENS name “pepecexwallet.eth”. While only a few days old by now, PEPE has risen to fame, being named among common meme coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. The former rose to popularity when Elon Musk endorsed it publicly on Twitter. There’s a new meme coin in town, and it features everyone’s favorite depressed frog, Pepe.

Drawing parallels to the success of Pepe coin, Bury suggests that a tenfold increase is within the realm of possibility, adding to the allure of the project. The launch of the first season will be crucial to the price action of the token. While broader market upturns can influence the price action of robust tokens in the right direction, siloed uptrends often coincide with project updates and milestones. Meme Kombat ($MK)’s AI-powered meme battles have captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts. The unique combination of AI, GambleFi, and an eccentric vibe particular to meme coins, sets the stage for the next wave of meme frenzy.

Now that we know what Trust Wallet is, let’s take a look at how to swap ETH for PEPE on Uniswap using the dApp (decentralized app) browser within Trust Wallet. Well, according to phase 3 of its informal roadmap, the token intends to have its own academy, merch, and tools. Giving it a somewhat of a use case and thus some utility at some point, which may boost the token’s demand and could help it achieve its meme takeover goal. As it is, PEPE, which is a token designed to pay homage to a meme that is popular and well-recognized, is viewed as a positive step in helping restore the original theme and standing of the meme.

Who created the concept of PEPE?

The Injective crypto has continued to gain attention from the crypto market enthusiasts, as evidenced by the recent gains of the crypto. The Injective price soared 21.92% as of writing and traded at $37.86 on December 19, while its trading volume soared 91.68% to $513.31 million. Meanwhile, the crypto has added nearly 141% over the last 30 days. The SEI price was up 30.18% to $0.3146 as of writing on Tuesday, reflecting the positive trend witnessed in the broader crypto market. Simultaneously, the trading volume of the crypto skyrocketed 432.41% over the last 24 hours to $582.19 million. Notably, the crypto’s price has added nearly 121% over the last 30 days with its recent surge.

Most V1 holders will likely bridge to V2, so the new project already has a ready-made community of investors. Around 30 “smart wallets” (large and active traders) bought a million dollars worth of the new coin at the start of its rally, according to Nansen Ethereum blockchain data. Over the last week’s price plummet, some whale addresses took profits. Meanwhile, three crypto whales were spotted buying $4 million worth of PEPE by Lookonchain. The project’s first phase, “Meme” is already complete and was an outstanding success.

Should I buy Pepe?

A seed phrase is automatically created when you first set up your wallet, whether it’s on your mobile app or browser extension. Users have full control and ownership of their funds and can withdraw crypto quickly and easily at any time. Remember, while PEPE is a new meme token, it is not without risks. While the token is currently trending and receiving ‘positive’ support from its community, it’s important to always do your own research (DYOR).

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The fact that the creators are warning investors should be enough to make people wary of such cryptocurrencies that come up every now and then. However, solid proof of its worthlessness can be found in tokenomics as wielding a total market capitalization of $231 million, the altcoin is observing a daily trading volume of $50 million. One of the most effective ways to produce returns of 100x or more is to secure tier-one exchange listings. Historically, leading exchanges were reluctant to add unproven meme coins, citing increased volatility and speculation. As a result, it has not been really much of a surprise that Pepe coin launched with the kind of success it had. It was tailor-made to appeal to and serve a vast, anonymous market of veteran crypto investors with deep pockets full of juicy ROI from other meme coin investments.

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It is also on several exchange platforms including KuCoin, Huobi Global, and OKX. Meme coins are predominantly short-term investments, and it is hard to imagine a time when they won’t be. Being explicitly useless and purposeless, they can’t justify their stay in a portfolio for longer than a few days or weeks. Solana has been on a tear, standing among the biggest gainers among the crypto top ten. This is despite regulatory FUD, when the US Securities and Exchange Commission labeled SOL a security during its market-wide clampdown against cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meanwhile, 6.9% remained in a multi-sig wallet for strategic deployment. In terms of the distribution of the tokens, PEPE’s website clearly breaks down how the tokens are handed out to various stakeholders. 93.1% of PEPE tokens were sent to the liquidity pool, with the contract renounced and LP tokens burnt. The remaining 6.9% is being held in a multi-sig wallet that’s reserved for future centralized bridges, listings, and liquidity pools.

What is PEPE?

Ripple witnessed another milestone on Wednesday as the year comes to an end in the form of registering as a VASP with the Central Bank of Ireland. The event also happened to act as a bullish catalyst for XRP price, which broke through the recent downtrend. Near Protocol, Stacks and Solana are among the top gainers, recording double-digit gains despite Bitcoin struggling to build support above $44,200. Late investors as well as the sidelined ones look from the fences as the early bloomers rake in profit. If you already hold Sponge V1 and want to buy Sponge V2, the investment process is even easier. This is because you won’t need to buy Sponge V1 with Ethereum or Tether.