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Voting is real-time and automated via a GOVBOT Pascal smart contract. The funding is intended to further every aspect of Pascal including core development, layer-2 development, exchange listings, social promotions, meetup sponsorships, affiliate sponsorships, etc. However, 0-confirmation transactions are much more reliable than in other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, once the double-spend-detection-service is rolled out, merchants will...


Coinware ICO Initial Coin Offering

Meet the Market Mapper – the advanced crypto trading indicator that generates accurate buy and sell signals using sophisticated algorithms and technical analysis. With automated trade execution across multiple markets and time frames, you can boost your profitability and say goodbye to poorly timed trades. In Web3-Only concept the payments are controlled by the automated...


Can Crypto and KYC Coexist? By Sapien Wallet on The Capital by Sapien Wallet The Dark Side

As more transactions are being executed, this process becomes incredibly tedious for the user. More books have come out in recent years regarding blockchain and crypto have the word ‘revolution’ in their titles than you could even count. If this technology is so revolutionary, money-saving, time saving and as game-changing as so many experts and...


RAIBLOCKS XRB: Price, Chart, Market Cap

RaiBlocks’ protocol is extremely light-weight; each transaction fits within the required minimum UDP packet size for being transmitted over the internet. Hardware requirements for nodes are also minimal, since nodes only have to record and rebroadcast blocks for most transactions. The original RaiBlocks paper and first beta implementation were published in December, 2014, making it...


BTC USD Bitcoin Price and Chart

BitUSD price in US Dollar has increased by 0.00% in the last 1 month. BITUSD is down -12.09% against Ethereum and down -10.09% against Bitcoin in the last 1 month. In other words, stablecoin business models such as these expose consumers to quite a lot of risk. The orange coin staged a whopping rebound on...


How to Buy Quant in the United Kingdom Beginner’s Guide 2024

Quant achieves this using Overledger, its “blockchain operating system”. IT networks can plug into Overledger, and by doing so gain access to various blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more. This way, businesses benefit from the whole gamut of blockchain innovations how to buy quant coin without having to build a separate system for each...


Jejudoge Price USD converter, Charts

Our coin market data for Jejudoge goes back to 23 Oct 2021, and shows that the lowest rate ever recorded was in Jan 2023, which was 1 year ago, when Jejudoge was worth only $7.54E-11. The year that saw the most significant increase in Jejudoge value was 2023, as its value surged from $7.81E-11 to...